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April 9, 2006 April 11, 2006

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Degrassi: The Next Generation The Lexicon of Love The N 2002
1:00am Instant Star Stranger in the House The N 2002
1:30am Personality Crisis The N 2002
2:00am Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sabrina and the Kiss The N 2002
2:30am The Competition The N 2002
3:00am The N 2002
3:30am O'Grady The N 2002
4:00am The N 2002
4:30am The N 2002
5:00am Girls v. Boys The N 2002
5:30am Radio Free Roscoe The N 2002
6:00am Oobi
6:30am Connie the Cow
7:00am Dora the Explorer
7:30am Miffy and Friends
8:00am Blue's Clues
8:30am Max & Ruby
9:00am Maurice Sendak's Little Bear
9:30am Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
10:00am Franklin
10:30am Connie the Cow
11:00am Dora the Explorer
11:30am The Wonder Pets!
12:00pm Pinky Dinky Doo NEW SHOW! Polka Dot Pox NEW EPISODE!
12:15pm Come Home, Little Guinea Pig NEW EPISODE!
12:30pm Jack's Big Music Show
1:00pm Oobi
1:30pm Play with Me Sesame
2:00pm Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
2:30pm Dora the Explorer
3:00pm Pinky Dinky Doo
3:30pm Blue's Clues
4:00pm LazyTown
4:30pm The Backyardigans
5:00pm Jack's Big Music Show
5:30pm Maurice Sendak's Little Bear
6:00pm The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Talking Turkey The N 2002
6:30pm Knowledge is Power The N 2002
7:00pm Day Damn One The N 2002
7:30pm Lucky Charm The N 2002
8:00pm Moesha He Doth Protest Too Much The N 2002
8:30pm Let's Talk About Sex The N 2002
9:00pm O'Grady The Fly The N 2002
9:30pm Sabrina the Teenage Witch Guilty! The N 2002
10:00pm Degrassi: The Next Generation Against All Odds The N 2002
10:30pm Never Gonna Give You Up The N 2002
11:00pm Moesha Secrets and Lies The N 2002
11:30pm Color Him Father The N 2002