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August 13, 2021 August 15, 2021

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Peppa Pig The Sandcastle/Ice Cream/Jukebox/Windmills/Buried Treasure
12:26am Grandpa's Toy Plane/Mr. Bull's New Road/Caves/The Rainy Day Game/The Noisy Night
12:54am Blackberry Bush/Pottery/Paper Aeroplane/Edmond Elephant's Birthday/The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World
1:22am Frogs and Worms and Butterflies/The Tree House/The Playgroup/Treasure Hunt/The New Car
1:49am Blaze and the Monster Machines T-Rex Trouble
2:12am Dino Derby
2:34am Abra-Ka-Pickle!
2:57am Abby Hatcher When Abby Met Bozzly/Hair Flair Everywhere
3:20am Shimmer and Shine Bungle in the Jungle/The Mysterious Tower
3:43am Hey Duggee The Obstacle Course Badge
3:51am Rainbow Rangers Henpecked/Rangers in Space
4:13am Fresh Beat Band of Spies The Wow Factor
4:37am Team Umizoomi Favorite Things Show
5:00am Umi Toy Store
5:30am Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ryan's Underwater Playdate/Ryan's Ballin' Playdate
6:00am Team Umizoomi Cuckoo Bears
6:30am The Wild West Toy Train Show
7:00am Peppa Pig America/The Diner/Canyon Country/Hollywood/Hop, Skip, Jump!
7:30am Lots of Muddy Puddles/Buttercups, Daisies, and Dandelions/The Marble Run/Mr. Potato Comes to Town/Shake, Rattle, and Bang
8:00am Grampy Rabbit's Jetpack/In the Future/The Electric Car/Detective Potato/The Flying Vet
8:30am Motorbiking/Sea Treasure/Monkey Has a Cough/Police Car/Fire Station Practice
9:00am Baby Shark's Big Show! Captain Kelp/Teensy the Tardigrade
2021-08-14 0900am Baby Shark's Big Show!.png
9:30am PAW Patrol Pups Save the Mustache/Pups Save the Funhouse
2021-08-14 0930am PAW Patrol.png
10:00am Pups vs. a Neon Humdinger/Pups Save a Royal Painting
2021-08-14 1000am PAW Patrol.png
10:30am Pups and Katie Stop the Barking Kitty Crew/Pups Save the Glasses
2021-08-14 1030am PAW Patrol.png
11:00am Pups Save a Rubble-Double/Pups Save a Clown
11:30am Pups Save Big PAW/Pups Save a Hum-Mover
12:00pm Pups Save the Marooned Mayors/Pups Save the Game Show
12:30pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Race to Sky High Mountain
1:00pm Dragon Island Duel
1:30pm Construction Crew to the Rescue
2:00pm Santiago of the Seas Santiago's Greatest Treasure/The Golden Banana Treasure
2:30pm PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde/Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups Save a Mighty Lighthouse
3:00pm Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Water Walker/Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Windsurfer
3:30pm Pups Bear-ly Save Danny/Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips
4:00pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Light Riders
4:30pm Blazing Amazing Stories
5:00pm The Pickle Family Campout
2021-08-14 0500pm Blaze and the Monster Machines.png
5:30pm Robots to the Rescue
2021-08-14 0530pm Blaze and the Monster Machines.png
6:00pm PAW Patrol Pups Save Ace's Birthday Surprise/Pups Save a Tower of Pizza
2021-08-14 0600pm PAW Patrol.png
6:30pm Pups Save a Runaway Rooster/Pups Save a Snowbound Cow
2021-08-14 0630pm PAW Patrol.png
7:00pm Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue
2021-08-14 0700pm PAW Patrol.png
7:30pm Baby Shark's Big Show! Baby Mayor/Sink or Swim
2021-08-14 0730pm Baby Shark's Big Show!.png
8:00pm Blue's Clues & You! Blue's Big Neighborhood Adventure
2021-08-14 0800pm Blue's Clues & You!.png
8:30pm Hide and Seek With Blue
2021-08-14 1930pm Blues Clues And You.PNG
9:00pm Peppa Pig The Golden Boots / The Fish Pond / The Sandpit
08-14-2021 2000am Peppa Pig.PNG
9:30pm Tiny Creatures/Daddy Pig's Office/Pirate Island/George Catches a Cold/The Balloon Ride
10:00pm Mandy Mouse/Recorders/Miss Rabbit's Relaxation Class/Painting/Tidying Up
10:30pm The Long Grass/Dentist/Nature Trail/Rebecca Rabbit/School Bus Trip
2021-08-14 1030pm Peppa Pig.png
11:00pm Team Umizoomi Cuckoo Bears
2021-08-14 1100pm Team Umizoomi.png
11:30pm The Wild West Toy Train Show