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June 9, 2021 June 11, 2021

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Peppa Pig Flying a Kite / Muddy Puddles / Windy Castle / Hide and Seek / Cleaning the Car
12:26am Grampy Rabbit in Space / Pirate Treasure / George's Racing Car / George's Balloon / Pedro is Late
12:54am The Outback / Surfing / The Great Barrier Reef /The Boomerang / Nature Trail
1:22am Chloe’s Puppet Show / Babysitting / My Birthday Party / Daddy Gets Fit / New Shoes
1:49am Blaze and the Monster Machines Zeg and the Egg
2:12am Dinocoaster
2:34am Dinosaur Parade
2:57am Abby Hatcher Afraid of Cats / Chef Curly
3:20am Shimmer and Shine Bungle in the Jungle / The Mysterious Tower
3:43am Hey Duggee The Shape Badge
3:51am Rainbow Rangers Coral Calamity / S’no Problem
4:13am Dora and Friends: Into the City! Puppet Theater
4:37am Team Umizoomi Haircut Hijinx
5:00am Let's Play Math Dragons!
2021-06-10 0500am Team Umizoomi.jpg
5:30am Doctor Bot
6:00am Blaze and the Monster Machines Rocket Ski Rescue
6:30am Falcon Quest
7:00am Need for Blazing Speed
7:30am Ice Cream Monster Machine
8:00am Deer Squad Save the Bees! / Duck Dilemma
8:30am Bubble Guppies We Totally Rock!
9:00am Costume Boxing!
9:30am The Moon Rocks!
10:00am Team Umizoomi The Big Boat Race
10:30am The Umi Sports Games
11:00am The Butterfly Dance Show
11:30am The Adventures of Paddington Paddington Flies a Kite / Paddington the Detective
12:00pm Peppa Pig Mandy Mouse / Recorders / Miss Rabbit's Relaxation Class / Painting / Tidying Up
12:30pm Ballet Lesson / Grandpa Pig’s Boat / Tidying Up / Picnic / Daddy Puts Up A Picture
1:00pm The Adventures of Paddington Paddington's Plant Problem / Paddington the Artist
1:30pm Bubble Guppies Come to Your Senses!
2:00pm Snow Squad to the Rescue!
2:30pm Santiago of the Seas The Silver Lasso / The Sea Dragon's Treasure
3:00pm Blue's Clues & You! 123's with Blue
3:30pm Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ryan’s Spiffy Playdate / Ryan’s Beachy Playdate
4:00pm Blaze and the Monster Machines The Treat Thief
4:30pm Cake-tastrophie!
5:00pm PAW Patrol Pups Save the Bunnies / Puptacular
5:30pm Pups' Adventures in Babysitting / Pups Save the Fireworks
6:00pm The Beatbuds: Let's Jam! Up Down / Racer NEW 18
6:15pm PAW Patrol Pups Save Gustavo's Guitar
6:30pm Blaze and the Monster Machines The Pickle Family Campout
7:00pm Blue's Clues & You! Blue's Big Beat Band
7:30pm PAW Patrol Pups Save Friendship Day
8:00pm Pups Save Baby Humdinger / Pups Save a Pinata
8:30pm Pups Save an Extreme Lunch / Pups Save a Cat Burglar
9:00pm Peppa Pig The Cycle Ride / Dens/ Zoë Zebra the Postman’s Daughter / Cuckoo Clock / Ice Skating
9:30pm The Sleepover / Daddy Pig’s Office / Pirate Island / George Catches a Cold / Cold Winters Day
10:00pm Parachute Jump / Miss Rabbit’s Taxi / Playing Pretend / Scooters / George’s Racing Car
10:30pm Valentine's Day / Breakfast Club / The Perfect Day / Doctor Hamster's Big Present / The Time Capsule
11:00pm Bubble Guppies Snow Squad to the Rescue!
11:30pm Blue's Clues & You! 123's with Blue