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June 3, 2018 June 5, 2018

Time Show Episode Image
12:17am Blaze and the Monster Machines Race Car Superstar
12:44am Bubble Guppies Bubble Scrubbies!
1:11am Triple-Track Train Race!
1:38am Wallykazam! The Great Wishing Potato
2:05am The Rock Can Talk
2:28am Dora the Explorer The Big Storm
2:52am Leon, the Circus Lion
3:15am Star Mountain
3:39am Go, Diego, Go! Rainforest Rhapsody
4:02am Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue
2018-06-04 0402am Go, Diego, Go!.png
4:26am Blue's Clues Rhyme Time
2018-06-04 0426am Blue's Clues.png
4:49am Bugs!
2018-06-04 0449am Blue's Clues.png
5:13am Blue's Big Mystery
2018-06-04 0513am Blue's Clues.png
5:36am Wallykazam! Wally's Great Big Birthday Hunt
2018-06-04 0536am Wallykazam!.png
6:00am Max and Ruby Max's Sandwich / Max's Ice Cream Cone / Ruby's Art Stand
6:30am Max and Winston / Grandma's Bunny Sniffles
7:00am Dora the Explorer Puppies Galore
7:30am Dora's Moonlight Adventure
8:00am Digby Dragon Not A Drop To Drink / Fizzy's Wand
8:28am Go, Diego, Go! Super Flying Squirrel to the Rescue!
8:55am Franklin and Friends Franklin and the Heat Wave / Franklin's Rocket Team
9:23am Zack & Quack The Popped Balloon / Pop-Up Ball Hero
9:50am Little Bear Rainy Day Friends / Little Goblin Bear / Picnic on the Moon
10:18am Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom The Mermaid / Daisy and Poppy's Trip to the Museum
10:46am Wonder Pets! How it All Began
11:14am Tickety Toc Go Kart Time / Driving Time
11:42am Little Charmers A Charming Mistake / A Charming Surprise Birthday
12:09pm The Backyardigans Escape From Fairytale Village
12:37pm Mike the Knight Mike the Knight and the Glendragon Big Band / Mike the Knight and the Night Time Lookout
1:05pm Peter Rabbit The Tale of the Hero Rabbit / The Tale of the Falling Rock
1:32pm Go-Kart Getaway / The New Hideout
2:00pm Max & Ruby Max Whistles / Ruby's Photo Op
2:30pm Cleo & Cuquin Magic Cleo / Flying Tooth / Trapped By The Flowers / The Race
3:00pm Hey Duggee The Theatre Badge / The Surprise Badge / The Detective Badge
3:30pm Wallykazam! Totally Swamped
4:00pm Thomas & Friends The Other Side of the Mountain / Who's Geoffrey?
4:30pm Team Umizoomi UmiCops!
5:00pm ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks Overlooked / Wish Upon a Star
5:30pm Rusty Rivets Ruby Rocks / Rusty's Balloon Blast
6:00pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Fast Friends
6:30pm Top Wing Rod's Beary Brave Save / Race Through Danger Canyon
7:00pm Bubble Guppies Batterball!
7:30pm Shimmer and Shine Bungle in the Jungle / The Mysterious Tower
8:00pm Nella the Princess Knight Tricks of The Trade / The Taste Race
8:30pm Sunny Day A Day at the Beach
9:00pm Peppa Pig Recycling / The Boat Pond / Traffic Jam / Bedtime / Sports Day
9:30pm My Cousin Chloé / Shopping / At the Beach / Secrets / The Museum
10:00pm Hiccups / Daddy Loses His Glasses / Polly Parrot / Snow / Dressing Up
10:27pm Team Umizoomi UmiCops!
10:55pm Rusty Rivets Ruby Rocks / Rusty's Balloon Blast
11:22pm Top Wing Rod's Beary Brave Save / Race Through Danger Canyon
11:50pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Fast Friends