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June 6, 2021 June 8, 2021

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Peppa Pig Grampy Rabbit's Jetpack / In the Future / The Electric Car / Detective Potato / The Flying Vet
12:26am Peppa Goes to Paris / Grandpa Pig's Pond / Once Upon a Time / Super Potato / Playgroup Star
12:54am Desert Island / Going Boating / The Little Boat / The Sand Pit / The Aquarium
1:22am Made Up Musical Instruments / Butterflies / The Botanical Gardens / Viking Day / Mr. Potato's Quiz
1:49am Blaze and the Monster Machines Robot Power
2:12am Dino Dash
2:34am Light Riders
2:57am Abby Hatcher Mo and Bo, Where'd They Go / Abby and the Winning Fuzzlies
3:20am Shimmer and Shine Boom Zahra-Bake / Rocket's Big Bark
3:43am Hey Duggee The Sleeping Badge
3:51am Rainbow Rangers Teacup Tigers / Glass Warfare
4:13am Dora and Friends: Into the City! Doggie Day!
4:37am Team Umizoomi Picnic
5:00am Gizmos Gone Wild!
5:30am Shark Car
6:00am Blaze and the Monster Machines Bouncy Tires
6:30am Trouble at the Truck Wash
7:00am Fired Up!
7:30am Epic Sail
8:00am Deer Squad Sky Art / The Great Race
8:30am Bubble Guppies Fishketball!
2021-06-07 0830am Bubble Guppies.png
9:00am The Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk!
2021-06-07 0900am Bubble Guppies.png
9:30am Bubble-Cadabra!
2021-06-07 0930am Bubble Guppies.png
10:00am Team Umizoomi Rainy Day Rescue
2021-06-07 1000am Team Umizoomi.png
10:30am City of Lost Penguins
2020-07-06 1030am Team Umizoomi.png
11:00am Ice Cream Truck
2021-07-06 1100am Team Umizoomi.png
11:30am The Adventures of Paddington Paddington and the Lost Gerbil / Paddington Earns a Ranger Badge enter
12:00pm Peppa Pig Recycling / The Boat Pond / Traffic Jam / Bedtime / Sports Day
2021-06-07 1200pm Peppa Pig.png
12:30pm Danny's Pirate Party / The Train Ride / Teddy Playgroup / A Trip to the Moon / Numbers
2021-06-07 1230pm Peppa Pig.png
1:00pm The Adventures of Paddington Paddington and the Fingertrap / Paddington Rides a Scooter
2021-06-07 0100pm The Adventures of Paddington.png
1:30pm Bubble Guppies Happy Clam Day!
2021-06-07 0130pm Bubble Guppies.png
2:00pm Guppy Movers!
2021-06-07 0200pm Bubble Guppies.jpg
2:30pm Santiago of the Seas To the Lighthouse / The Golden Giant
2021-06-07 0230pm Santiago of the Seas.png
3:00pm Blue's Clues & You! Big News With Blue
2021-06-07 0300pm Blue's Clues & You!.png
3:30pm Santiago of the Seas The Magic Spyglass / The Stone of Life
2021-06-07 0330pm Santiago of the Seas.png
4:00pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Cattle Drive
2021-06-07 0400pm Blaze and the Monster Machines.png
4:30pm Meatball Mayhem
2021-06-07 0430pm Blaze and the Monster Machines.png
5:00pm PAW Patrol The New Pup
2021-06-07 0500pm PAW Patrol.png
5:30pm Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Flying Diving Bell / Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Soggy Farm
2021-06-07 0530pm PAW Patrol.png
6:00pm The BeatBuds: Let's Jam! NEW SHOW! Hello BeatBuddies / The Silly Monkey NEW 18 enter
6:15pm PAW Patrol Pups Party With Bats
2021-06-07 0615pm PAW Patrol.png
6:30pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Truck Rangers
2021-06-07 0630pm Blaze and the Monster Machines.png
7:00pm Blue's Clues & You! Song Time With Blue
2021-07-06 0700pm Blue's Clues & You!.jpg
7:30pm PAW Patrol Pups Save Gustavo's Guitar / Pups Save the Yoga Goats
2021-07-06 0730pm PAW Patrol.png
8:00pm Pups Save the Woof and Roll Show / Pups Save an Eagle
2021-07-06 0800pm PAW Patrol.png
8:30pm Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue
2021-07-06 0830pm PAW Patrol.png
9:00pm Peppa Pig Chinese New Year / The Panda Twins / The Secret Club / Talent Day / Stars
9:30pm Not Very Well / Lunch / Mummy Pig at Work / Gardening / School Play
10:00pm Champion Daddy Pig / Chatterbox / Mr. Fox's Van / Chloe's Big Friends / Gym Class
10:30pm Grampy's Dinosaur Park / George's New Dinosaur / Captain Daddy Dog / Kylie Kangaroo / The Pet Competition
2021-06-07 2230pm Peppa Pig.gif
11:00pm Bubble Guppies Guppy Movers!
11:30pm Blue's Clues & You! Big News With Blue