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Co M

Meet Co M! Creator and Founder of Nickstory Jr .

Co M is very passionate with Nickstory Jr. and wants it to grow everyday

Fun Facts

  • First Noggin/Nick Jr Show I Saw : Dora the Explorer
  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show : Blues Clues and Little bear
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : Gotta Go with sponk or the electric company(or seasame street if you want to count that
  • I really want to travel before i head of to collage
  • My favorite food is french fires (popeyes are the best fries fight me) :)
  • I really love video games,Especially Sonic The Hedgehog


ThatGuyWalkingBy Hi! My name is David McConnell, aka ThatGuyWalkingBy and gamerguy624

He Also has a mega collection of tapes that you might be jealous lol

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show : Blue's Clues/Blue's Clues & You!, Gullah Gullah Island, Little Bear, Jack's Big Music Show & The Upside Down Show.
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : Anything on Nick Jr. before 2008, even the acquired programs. So, shows like Rupert, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, Allegra's Window, Franklin, Kipper. LazyTown, etc.

Fun facts about myself: I love video making and graphic design. One day, I'd love to join the Hi5 Studios team in California with great talents such as Matthias and Team Edge


Dynickmite Hello! My name is Jack Cooper, otherwise known as Noggin Junk, The New Noggin Junk, Jack is Back, and now, Dynickmite.

He sadly got terminated once but is trying to get back to the youtube stream!

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show : Some of my favorite Noggin/Nick Jr. shows include Oswald, The Backyardigans, Little Bear, Blue’s Clues, and Bubble Guppies.
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : Doug and Sesame Street.
  • I’m 14 years old, I live with my parents and my autistic twin brother, I have lived in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina my entire life, and I’m hoping to get a degree in computer science one day.


Koozboi Koozboi Loves noggin 99-2002 a lot!

Hes really funny too :)

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show : Blue's Clues, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Yo Gabba Gabba, The Upside Down Show, Oobi, Jack's Big Music Show, Franklin and Max and Ruby
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : Sesame Street, Doug, Phred on Your Head, and Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • fun facts: I play the trombone and I am hoping to get into graphic design/motion design one day


NickArchiver Hello. I'm NickArchiver, a huge fan of Nickelodeon and VHS collecting. I love SpongeBob, and I also like Hey Arnold.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show : Max and Ruby, Blues Clues
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : Blue's Clues
  • I record Nickelodeon onto VHS tape almost every day.


yobelkcip Yobel is a real cool mod! (Also loves using Donald duck a lot)

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show :probably Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! or The Backyardigans
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : The Phred on Your Head Show
  • I live in Illinois, and I collect a bunch of Game Boys


Thenamebeing - Hi, I'm thenamebeing, I love cartoons and archiving (and many other things!)

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show: YO GABBA! GABBA!
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : The Phred on Your Head Show
  • I collect every single DOAWK each year!
  • I help run Nicktoonstory and Cartoon Crave
  • My favorite type of food is Indian Food


Duck-Hunter2001 - A guy with Asperger's and loves ducks.

I've had a big part in archiving Noggin's beginning year, 1999-2002, with help from my friend Brian.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Noggin/Nick Jr Show: Blue''s clues
  • Favorite Pre-Noggin Show : Doug, cro, phred, and sesame
  • I'm also an aspiring cartoonist and artist. Find my Twitter if you can!
  • I love Italian food, it's yummy
  • I have a soft spot for kart-racers, even a lot of Mario Kart clones