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Welcome to the Nickstory Jr. Wiki!
a collaborative project aiming to archive and preserve Noggin's schedule history from its humble beginnings in 1999, to the Nick Jr channel of today. Not only do we list all the shows that aired on a particular date, one of our key features is the presence of episode titles and images from the actual broadcasts! All of our information has been exhaustively researched, tying into our mission to provide an accurate and reliable resource for fans and researchers alike.

At this time, this wiki is a work in progress, but it's growing bigger everyday.

Visit the main archive here and explore.

To find out how you can contribute and help us grow, please visit our help page.

Very special thanks to CDCB2 and the folks over at Nickstory Archives, whose passion for video archiving was a major inspiration for this wiki.

This wiki project was created for special interest and archival purposes, not affiliated with ViacomCBS (Now known as Paramount) or its networks.