Nickstory Jr. Wiki

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Pink Flower 1999 - April 7, 2003
1999-03-13 0200am Sesame Street Unpaved.jpg
Continued to appear until April 7, 2003, making it the longest-running screenbug from the 1999 launch.
Ladybug 1999 - July 2001
Ladybug Screenbug.png
Used during the late-night block.
Beaker 1999 - June 2001
2001-03-17 0530am 3-2-1 Contact.png

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Dreidel December 2000
2000-12-23 0600am Square One TV.png
Only used within that year.
Snow Globe December 2000
2000-12-24 0600am Square One TV.png
Kwaanza December 2000
Noggin Kwaanza Screen Bug.png
New Years December 31, 2000 - January 1, 2001
2000-12-31 0600am Square One TV.png

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
The Hubbub 2001
Noggin Hubbub Screen Bug.png
Mostly used during the Hubbub block from January to December 2001.
Gears (colored) June-July 2001
2001-06-10 0530am 3-2-1 Contact.png
This screenbug only lasted for a month before it was replaced by the white version.
Gears (white) July 2001 - April 1, 2002
2001-09-09 1800pm Phred on Your Head Show.png
Took the place of the colored screenbug.
Mushrooms July 2001 - April 1, 2002
2001-07-24 0330am The Electric Company.png
Used during the late-night block.
Turkey November 2001
Noggin Turkey Bug (2001).png
Snowball December 2001
Noggin Snowman Bug (2001).png
This was the last Noggin bug made for the original era.

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
City April 2002 - April 2003
City Screenbug.png
Dragon April 2002 - April 2003
Dragon Screenbug.png
Lion April 1, 2002 - April 2003
Lion screenbug.png
Yellow Flower April 2002 - April 2003
Yellow flower screenbug.jpg
Orange Tree September 2002 - 2005
2002-10-23 0500AM 123 Sesame Street.jpg
Snow Globe (with border) December 2002
Snow Globe Screenbug.jpg

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Snowflake #1 2003
2003-02-13 1200pm Play with Me Sesame.png
Button Flower April 2003 - 2005
Button Flower Screenbug.jpg
Orange Tree 2003
Orange tree Screenbug.png
Nick Jr. on Noggin (Beavers) April 2003-2004
Nick Jr On Noggin Screenbug.gif
Nick Jr. on Noggin (Butterflies) April 2003-2004
Nick Jr On Noggin Butterfly Screenbug1.png
Nick Jr On Noggin Butterfly Screenbug2.png
Nick Jr On Noggin Butterfly Screenbug3.png
Steamboat 2003-2005
Noggin Steamboat Bug.jpg
Jack-o'-lantern (Transparent) October 2003
2003-10-04 1330pm Franklin.png

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Snowman (No Nose) 2004
2004-02-18 430pm Oswald.png
Turkey November 2004 - November 2008
Noggin Turkey Bug.png
Snowman December 2004 - December 2008
2004-12-27 1600pm Dora the Explorer.png

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Snowman January 2005
2005-01-07 1000am Blue's Clues.png
Snowman (No Nose) January-February 2005
Snowman screenbug.png
Snowflake #2 January-February 2005
Snow Flake (2005).png
Gingerbread House January-February 2005
Gingerbread house (2005).png
Steamboat 2005
2005-09-20 1000am Franklin .png
Orange Tree (Transparent) September 2005
2005-09-20 1300pm Franklin .png
Jack-o'-lantern October 2005
2005-10-31 0900am Little Bear.png

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Horn February 2006; February 2007
2006-02-20 1330pm Miffy.jpg
Snowman December 2006
2006-12-07 1330pm LazyTown.jpg

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Snowman with Bow Tie January 2007
2007-01-17 1300pm Jack’s Big Music Show.jpg
Horn February 2007
2007-02-02 1200pm Jack’s Big Music Show.jpg
Blue Shoe March 2007
2007-03-09 1100am The Upside Down Show.png
Smiling Flower April 2007
2007-04-17 1400pm The Wonder Pets!.png
House with Fence May 2007
House Screenbug (2007).png
It's currently unknown whether this screenbug was used prior to 2007.
Striped Cat (Big) June 2007
Striped Cat Screenbug.png
Most likely only used in 2007. A smaller version of this screenbug was later made.
Train (Big) August 2007
2007-08-20 1030am Yo Gabba Gabba.png
Red Leaf September 2007
Red Leaf Screenbug.png
Jack-o'-lantern (Small) October 2007; October 2008
Jack-o'-lantern Screenbug.png
First known small Noggin screenbug as of now.
Spider October 2007; October 2008
Spider Screenbug.png
Snowman December 2007
2007-12-08 1630pm Pinky Dinky Doo.jpeg

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Blue Flower 2008 - 2009
Noggin Blue Flower Bug.png
This screenbug has only been spotted on Peppa Pig shorts. There is no proof that it was used for other Noggin shows.
Popcorn 2008 - 2009
2008-08-03 1900pm Go, Diego, Go!.png
Used during an movie event.
Snowman with Bow Tie January 2008
Snowman with bow tie.png
Horn February 2008 - March 2009
Horn Screenbug (2008).png
Striped Cat (Small) March 2008 - February 2009
2008 3 22 2100pm Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.png
Smiling Flower April 2008
Smiling flower Screenbug.png
Librarian Frog May 2008 - May 2009
Music frog screenbug.png
Music Ostrich May 2008
Music ostrich Screenbug.png
Panda Scout May 2008
Music panda Screenbug.png
Policeman Badger May 2008
Policeman badger Screenbug.png
Baker Bull May 2008
Noggin Baker Bull Screen Bug!.jpg
Crab June 2008
2008–06-09 2130pm Blue’s Clues.png
Train (Small) July 2008 - July 2009
2008-07-12 1900PM Dora the Explorer.png
Blue Ball August 2008
2008-08-03 2000pm Dora the Explorer.png
Soccer Ball August 2008 - August 2009
2008-08-03 2100pm The Backyardigans.png
Paper Boat September 2008 - September 2009
Paper boat screenbug (HQ).png
As of now, no small version of this screenbug is known to have existed.
Turkey November 2008
2008-11-06 0400am Blue's Clues.webp
Snowman (Transparent) December 2008
2008-12-31orxx 1700pm Toot & Puddle.png

Name of Screenbug Date of Use Image Notes
Snowman with Bow Tie January 2009
2009-01-06 1900PM Dora the Explorer.png
Striped Cat (Small) February 2009
2009-02-27 1100am Oswald.jpg
Horn (Transparent) March 2009
2009-03-02 2100pm Wow! Wow! Wubbzy.png
Smiling Flower (Transparent) April 2009
2009-04-29 1130am Oswald.png
Librarian Frog May 2009
Music Frog Screenbug (2009).png
Crab June 2009
Crab Screenbug.png
Train (Small) July 2009
Train Screenbug.png
Soccer Ball August 2009
2009-08-07 2130pm Blue's Clues.png
Paper Boat September 2009
Paper Boat (2009).png
This was the last Noggin screenbug before it was rebranded to Nick Jr. a few weeks later.