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October 20, 2021 October 22, 2021

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Peppa Pig Mr. Dinosaur is Lost / Muddy Puddles / Fancy Dress Party / Camping / Very Hot Day
2021-10-21 1200am Peppa Pig.png
12:26am Rock Pools / Mr. Scarecrow / Windy Autumn Day / The Time Capsule / George's Friend
2021-10-21 1226am Peppa Pig.png
12:54am Polly's Boat Trip / Grandpa at the Playground / The Fire Engine / Funfair / Delphine Donkey
1:22am Around the World with Peppa / Castle / Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue
1:49am Blaze and the Monster Machines The Big Balloon Rescue
2:12am Truck or Treat
2:34am The Gold Medal Games
2:57am Abby Hatcher Trick or Treat Otis / Bedtime for Peepers
3:20am Shimmer and Shine Pet Bedroom / Boom Zahra-Mom
3:43am Hey Duggee The River Badge
3:51am Rainbow Rangers Moo-ving Cows / Panda-monium
4:13am Fresh Beat Band of Spies Cute Crook
4:37am Team Umizoomi The Dinosaur Museum Mishap
5:00am Shark Car
5:30am Ryan's Mystery Playdate Ryan's Champion Playdate / Ryan's Traveling Playdate
2021-10-21 0530am Ryan's Mystery Playdate.png
6:00am PAW Patrol Pups Save a Stinky Flower / Pups Save a Monkey-Naut
2021-10-21 0600am PAW Patrol.png
6:30am Pups Save Baby Humdinger / Pups Save a Pinata
2021-10-21 0630am PAW Patrol.png
7:00am Blue's Clues & You! Spooky Costume Party with Blue
7:30am Santiago of the Seas Santiago and Bonnie to the Rescue / The Compass Caper
8:00am Team Umizoomi Doctor Bot
8:30am The Ghost Family Costume Party
9:00am Blaze and the Monster Machines Sky Track
9:30am Abra-Ka-Pickle!
10:00am Bubble Guppies Swimtastic Check-Up!
10:30am Genie in a Bubble!
11:00am Werewolves of Bubbledon!
11:30am Blue's Clues & You! Colors Everywhere with Blue
12:00pm Baby Shark's Big Show! Captain Kelp / Teensy the Tardigrade
12:30pm Peppa Pig The Long Grass / Dentist / Nature Trail / Rebecca Rabbit / School Bus Trip
1:00pm Chloe's Puppet Show / Babysitting / My Birthday Party / Daddy Gets Fit / New Shoes
1:30pm Recycling / The Boat Pond / Traffic Jam / Bedtime / Sports Day
2:00pm PAW Patrol Pups Save a Runaway Rooster / Pups Save a Snow Bound Cow
2:30pm Santiago of the Seas The Silver Lasso / The Sea Dragon's Treasure
3:00pm Blue's Clues & You! Blue's Big Beat Band
3:30pm PAW Patrol Pups Save the Flying Food / Pups Save a Ferris Wheel
4:00pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Breaking the Ice
4:30pm Power Tires!
5:00pm PAW Patrol Pups Save the Bears / Pups Save a Farmerless Farm
5:30pm Pups Save the Chalk Art / Pups Save a Hot Potato
6:00pm Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller
6:30pm Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Water Walker / Pups Save a Windsurfer
7:00pm Blaze and the Monster Machines Sparkle's Racing Badge
7:30pm Truck or Treat
8:00pm PAW Patrol Pup Save the Trick-or-Treaters / Pups Save an Out of Control Mini Patrol
8:30pm Santiago of the Seas The Mysterious Island / Mystery of the Vam-Pirates NEW 18
9:00pm Peppa Pig Freddy Fox / Whistling / Doctor Hamsters Tortoise / Sun Sea and Snow / Hospital
9:30pm Potato City / The New House / Basketball / Horsey Twinkle Toes / Naughty Tortoise
10:00pm Desert Island / Going Boating / The Little Boat / The Sand Pit / The Aquarium
2021-10-21 2200pm Peppa Pig.png
10:30pm Grandpa's Toy Plane / Mr. Bull's New Road / Caves / The Rainy Day Game / The Noisy Night
2021-10-21 2230pm Peppa Pig.png
11:00pm Bubble Guppies Rockin' Out
2021-10-21 2300pm Bubble Guppies.png
11:30pm Blue's Clues & You! Blue's Big Beat Band
2021-10-21 2330pm Blue's Clues & You!.png